Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Experiment

The rhymes aren't coming to match my mind's desire. 
I want to say so many things in succinct ways that carry wings. 
I want to tell the whole world that being open takes courage. It takes great strength and fluid states of inner being used by everyone else. Finding a state made of two things the deepest cry wants to know and be. To be an offering is one, to be in balance is the other. Because they all have an urgent need to be successful and free. The work it takes to hug the world is great, indeed, with hugest pitfalls. They do not see the soft demeanor. They do not hear the kindest giving. They pay attention to very little. Their minds and flaws make them so crippled. How to be still within this body when soul will not allow to be held down. When will the answer come to be. When will the knowing be deep. 
Until that moment, it remains: the yo-yo affect of the mundane. The wisdom comes and usually goes. The desire to merge, well, that only grows. And grows...