Friday, July 1, 2016

Sweetness Around Me

Sweetness around me
Melts me inside
Softens the walls
That might have built up

Gentle man's honor
Opens my heart
I can really bow down
To the one who's done the inner job

Lift me much higher
Than I've ever been
Don't pull me down
From where I am

Dream of the second
I break through chain's link
Because the last ingredient
I am missing still

Sweetness around me
Brings me to my knees
I would love to serve you
And all of you needs

I would love to love you
And cherish the way
Because all I am seeking
Is a permanent exist out of mind's hell

But I need to know 
You are just as true
As I stand before you
Naked and innocent, too

There is something there
In this complex life
That I need to see
That I need to find

And whatever way
Tomorrow goes
And whatever may
Show up and grow

I am here 
With eyes wide open
To find the missing piece
To the greatest knowing

That the voice inside
Keeps on trying to show me