Monday, May 15, 2017


no no no!
not like that and not that way
let those waves pull down the shades
running softly through the crowd
swirling, twirling, not making a sound
dipping and dripping with something of awe
not understanding the power of it all
everything moves around just in case
confused, confounded, sad and afraid
walking and standing in a small space
awaiting and longing for clarity and grace
wasting the days in the cavity of haste
in stillness and quietness passing the days
because fingers need to run along
through the dark and sandy race
making no sense of the words' mess
nothing is clear and no thing remains
giving up with tears or an angry face
what is this life, its depth, its place
waiting, still waiting to take first step
no beginning and no end without seeing or being content 
only the road to walk instead
step on and off lose and gain
no purpose 
no fame
no reason
play the game
cease the shame
worry not
lie down
fall away